On Hiatus

Was reading the comment thread on a brave and vulnerable post about an individual’s personal struggle with depression and just reading the comments of one particularly pushy and opinionated person makes me want to flee the Internet.  These are comments curated by the author of the post, so he is keeping the negative ones as part of the spirit of public discourse.   And the negative ones aren’t nasty, as such, but do feel like they come from someone for whom empathy is a lower order emotion — all rationalism and denial of others’ experiences.

I’m struggling with society lately, feeling invisible except when subjected to the gaze of others.  I’ve been cat-called, ogled, called out on not running as much, and am about to embark on one of the most judgmental periods of my life so far, a job search.

I’m not giving up writing here entirely, but I am going to take a break till the end of this year.  I may still try to tweet from time to time.

If you read this and actually know me, feel free to private message me or ping me on Twitter.



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