Still Logging Miles

In case it wasn’t obvious, this has been a rough month at work.  Lots of late nights and scrambling to get things in order and it looks likely to continue through mid-March/early-April.

On the plus side, I have been continuing to get my runs in for training.  Food tracking has been spotty, but the exercise helps keep me calm. Josh and I ran a 10k race this weekend and then treated ourselves to new running shoes.  Our local running store, Fleet Feet, takes video of you jogging on a treadmill and then recommends shoes if you over/under pronate.  They said my old pair of Brooks should work for me, but didn’t have them in my size (did I mention I can’t find my Brooks…those suckers are expensive and still have a few miles in them, and I want them back) so I got a pair of Saucony Guide 7:

Look at all the wild colors!


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