Wednesday Weigh-in: Ups and Ups

As expected, last week’s dip was not reflective of general trend.  Or, with all the snow we’ve had lately, I haven’t gotten outside to run as much.  I’ve been using the elliptical I have at home, but could tell that was not as effective.

I finally caved this past weekend and drove all the way to OSU to use the fancy gym (“RPAC”) to which I thought I was a member, only to find out that my membership was supposedly stopped in July.  Kids at the front desk (okay, technically adults, but college students look like kids to me) told me there was some error, clicked some buttons on the computer, and I should be good to go.  So, I went in and ran on the 1/8 mile indoor track.  I had dressed for cold, but it was so warm I thought I would pass out.  I averaged 11:54/mile, and was bummed since I was averaging 11:15 in November.

Yesterday, it was snowing, so I went back to to the RPAC and once again — no dice.  I was having a low blood sugar moment and nearly had a melt down when the kid swiped my card, waved me through, and then I crashed to a halt at the turnstyle.  It hurt.  I was annoyed and embarrassed.  The kids at the front desk tell me this time that the membership was a yearly renewal, so my membership really was cancelled.  They offered to put me on a monthly membership, but I thought, “If I haven’t come here since July is this worth my money?”  I also thought, “My thigh hurts from banging into that turnstyle.  I had to park 1/4 mile away and walk here through the snow. I’m hungry.  This blows.”  So I said I’d need to think about it with as much grace as I could muster (which was about this much ) and left.

Today was sunny and snow free, so I ran a 5K outside.  I averaged 11:21/mile for the run, with 11:10s on the second and third mile.  Go me!  I like being out doors so much more than running inside.

Columbus Weather

Feels like 16°


It’s below freezing, and though I didn’t feel like taking off my hat, I enjoyed the run.  We’ve even been getting bursts of sun.

Oh, yes, here’s the weigh-in:

December 18 2013 weigh in


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