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Updates for Fermentation Friday.  First, we’re going to try to brew a Porter this weekend in addition to going to a wedding back in Josh’s hometown.  Not sure it’s going to happen, but I’ll let you know how it works out.

Second, we tried a new (to us) bottle shop in the area, Crafted Drafts, which was (my favorite hipster phrase) “well curated.”

The owner seemed a little more knowledgeable than his second-in-command, who described two beers to me as sours that were not, in fact, sour beers.  Overall, not a regular stop since it’s out of the way for us, but a nice addition to the Columbus beer scene.  They were doing a brisk business when we went last Saturday.



Saw this in my blog feed and had to share:

From: Eater (Token vegetarian dish — probably a pasta. Ding ding ding.)


Also, skipped weigh-in Wednesday, so…181.9 lbs this morning.  Assuming I don’t gain 3 lbs of water weight this weekend (and that’s a big assumption) this may be the start of a downward trend.


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