Bouncing All Over

Weekly Weigh-In: I’m happy with the number, and yet a bit disappointed that things seemed to stall out over the holidays and aren’t starting to do much ticking down in the New Year.

January 15 2014 Weigh In

I weighed in at 187 yesterday morning and today it’s 183.8. Water weight is real my friends, and it is created by eating three deli sandwiches and drinking three cans of diet soda in one day.

One of the exercises I make my students do is reflective journaling, in which they write about their experiences and analyze them for lessons to apply to future practice.  Herein, some reflections on the past 3 days.

The two main takeaways I have from this past weekend is that (1) eating bread leads to a bread chow down spiral and (2) I need 8-9 hours of sleep a night consistently or I do not perform well.

I did a good job this weekend not stopping for fast food on the way home from each day of training, but I have a hard time avoiding temptation when it is sitting there in the form of a bagel tray or a box of sandwiches.  For me, it’s easiest not to have the bread around because I, apparently, cannot stop myself from eating it when it is readily available.

For example, on Monday, trying to push through to my 4 p.m. class, I had 3 cans of Cherry Coke Zero.  They were around.  They were caffeinated.  They were easier than making green tea (which I had sitting in my office and only required putting a bag in a mug and going to the water cooler to add hot water).  Sure, Coke Zero has zero calories, but it has no nutritional value either.  And, more importantly, I don’t think it’s doing much to flush my system because the next day I weighed in at 187 lbs.

Eat clean.  Get off this plateau.

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