Dragging Today

It’s been a rough week as this semester ramps up and I get ready to do a weekend long training with my students.

My Wednesday weigh-in came in at 184.0 (I have pictures, but am too lazy to upload them).

I’ve been trying out a new gym and am liking it so far. I decided I needed someplace close to home with treadmills when the Polar Vortex hit, and this gym has an indoor track as well.

I did a great 3 miles on Tuesday running the track. Little kids kept creeping over the track and running partial laps completely unsupervised (there was a kids’ basketball game going on nearby and the parents were watching them play), so I treated it like Zombies, Run! Most of the kids didn’t have the stamina or interest to run a full lap.

Today, I tried to do 3 miles on the treadmill and it was all I could do to walk the thing. I have three theories:

1. Treadmills are dumb.
2. Doing a Kinesis class beforehand tired me out.
3. I am coming down with whatever flu Josh currently seems to have.

I really hope it’s not Option 3 because did I mention a training I’m supposed to be doing with my students — all weekend?